South Paw Toy Aussies, where you get to choose your next family member.

Toy Aussie puppies from College Station, TX

Our Story


I had to start flying weekly for work so I started my search for an ESA.  In comes Oliver.  I was told he was a calm puppy so I decided that he was the one for me.  When we started traveling, I couldn’t have asked for a better companion.  He was such a blessing to have.  He got so much attention on our flights and at the airports that I thought there needs to be more Olivers in the world so I went on the search for a mate.  This is where Fern, our spunky little girl enters our lives.  Our family had now grown to 5 plus our 6 4-legged kids.  We welcomed Fern and Olivers first litter and immediately fell in love!!  This was the perfect family bonding experience we were needing in our lives.  Our kids all help care for the puppies and it’s something we can all enjoy together.  After having such a wonderful experience and seeing all the joy we brought to other families we decided to grow our program to now include Georgia Blue.   Raising puppies and getting to share them with other families has been fun and fulfilling beyond what we could have imagined.   We know it shows in our puppies.