In search of a wedding gift my wife would cherish forever, I could not have stumbled upon a better group. My wife dreamed of having a toy Aussie of her own and I was on the hunt for the perfect one. Not only did I find that perfect one through Karla at South Paw Toy Aussies, she was able to help us welcome in a second not long after! South Paw Toy Aussies not only provided the perfect wedding gift for my wife, but also allowed us to become a happy family of four!

As my wife and I were preparing to marry in May of 2020, I knew she always wanted a Red Tri Toy Aussie. When I came across South Paw Toy Aussies, I had to call right away because I knew those beautiful puppies wouldn’t be on the market long. Luckily, I was able to pull off the perfect wedding surprise for my wife. The night before our wedding, with friends and family gathered, I was able to surprise my wife with Otis!

In the following months, we stayed in touch with Karla about how Otis was doing, and she was always there with advice and care when needed. A few months later, Karla told us that a new litter of puppies from Otis’s mom and dad were arriving soon! And just in time for Christmas! We couldn’t think of a better gift for each other and for Otis than his own brother as a companion. We were able to add Bear to our family and to give Otis the brother he had been waiting on. They are the two best decisions we could have ever made!

We have received countless compliments on our two Aussies. Our puppies have the best temperament, personalities, and play well with other dogs. We give all the credit to Karla and her family at South Paw! We never hesitate to recommend South Paw to anyone interested in adding a toy Aussie to their family. You can absolutely trust Karla to provide you with a happy, healthy puppy. We love that Karla has stayed in touch throughout Otis’ and Bear’s lives. South Paw are remarkable people and quality breeders.

Ryan and Carley